Every 6th of October reminds us of the birthday of our Father, the Adelaja Regional Superintendent Pastor (Dr.) S.N Maichibi

We thank Almighty God for giving you the Strength , Commitmennt and overzealousnes to advance the affairs of Adelaja Region.

Under your administration Adelaja Region has achieved track record of success and we are greatful to God for that.

Your messages have touched millions of lives and penetrated every nook and cranny of the city. We pray God continues to be your guide. May He give you the strength to win more souls to His kingdom. Amen!

We are so lucky to have you in our lives, Father. Thank you for your continued guidance, Thank you for always setting such a good example for the congregation. We appreciate all that you do. you are such a trail blazer

The entire Adelaja Region is saying Happy 60th Birthday to you! and CONGRATULATIONS!LONG LIVE ADELAJA REGION AND LONG LIVE PASTOR (DR) S.N. MAICHIBI.