The Inauguration of Katsina Zone under CAC Adelaja Region and induction of the Pioneer Zonal Superintendent, Pastor Samuel Orimolade Obagbadegun holds today the 14th of August, 2022 at the Zonal Headquarters, CAC Mount of Joy (Oke Ayo), Gawu Road, New Layout, Kofar Kaura, Katsina by Adelaja Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.N Maichibi.

The Regional Superintendent in his message at the occasion charge the members of the newly inaugurated Zone and the newly inducted Zonal Superintendent on the Topic WHO AND WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING AT DETERMINE THE LEVEL OF YOUR SUCCESS  he took his text from Hebrew 12:1-2 in which he emphasized that the best bet to succeed in life and the ministry is to keep looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. With the situation the country found itself in particuar and the world in general, looking unto self, sideways, others or at worst looking back like lot’s wife,to government institutions or elsewhere will always be met with colossal disappointments,failure and other destruction.

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