Calvary greetings in the name of the Lord.

The Kano DCC Youth week started and began yesterday (Monday) with a fantastic and elaborative note.

First, the CAC Adelaja Regional Superintendent declared the program open with the promise of God’s blessings upon everyone who’s going to be attending. Yesterday’s program featured a call to worship, alongside a mind-blowing special rendition led by the Kano DCC Youth Choir after which other arrangements followed.

There was singing, dancing and prayers was said also. The highlight of the day was the ONE-ON-ONE INTERACTIVE SESSION with the leaders of the Church ably led by Pastor S.N. Maichibi, the DCC & Regional Superintendent. Others are Pastor Philip Hosea, Pastor Olanrewaju, Pastor S. Kehinde & Pastor J. Eniayebajo who all answered questions from an overwhelming and excited youths about the doctrine, biblical definitions and sacred acts of the Christ Apostolic Church.

This session was to open the hearts and minds of teeming youths of the church to the things many are unaware of and the reasons why the things that are done are done. The moderators in person of Elder Jonah and Evang. Areo asked questions and coordinated the program with them entertaining questions from the crowd as well. It was indeed an enlightening program.

You can as well join us for the program of today as well, as you’ll be blessed, our WELCOME TEAM and PROTOCOL OFFICIALs will be on ground to receive you, as you’re special to us.

Today we will be having a great marriage seminar session which is not only for the singles but for the married, the engaged and as well singles! There will be a seminar and afterwards question time, come expectant as we’re ready to receive you.

The time is 5:30pm everyday

God bless you!

Check below as picture speaks!