Day 3 came with great aura of God’s miraculous deeds, fired down as of the day of pentecost as men heard and tarried to receive of God’s mind and acts! A demonstration of the continuation of the acts of apostles as it had no ending or conclusion in the Scriptures! We ate and was filled, like we yearned for more…..

Yesterday was a day for The WORD & REVIVAL which was conducted with immense power and vigour.
The word centred on “The ROLE of STRENGTH in Fulfilling Destiny” quoting from the book of Proverbs 20:29 – the glory of the youth is in their strength, as patriarchs of old who spur great revivals are men who are in their 20s and rarely in their early 30s.

The Word and Revival led by Pastor Hosea Philips, Dist. Supt. Abedie, was wrought with great testimonies (which can be re-watched as broadcasted live on CAC Kano DCC Facebook platform). There was great charge for youths to do more for themselves and for the lord…

Pastor Hosea Philips

Today promises to be a more exciting time as God is ready to pour down his power and spirit as of the great awakening and the great Asusa street revival! Are you a ready vessel to be used of God!? Be ready! Be expectant, come ready to receive of God, the time is 5:30pm. It’ll not be the same way, shifts and dimensions will be created to move you to where you need to be in destiny! It is your season!

Do join us! Our welcome team is ready to receive you and most importantly, Jesus is waiting for you…

Photo speaks!