Day 4 was no different than yesterday’s outpouring, there was a greater and better manifestation of God’s presence like never before. The word came with fuller expressions of God’s promises and fulfillment.

“You should must first have a revelation of who you are”, a central point of yesterday’s WORD & REVIVAL, led by God’s servant, Pastor A.O. Caleb, he emphasized the power in the revelation of who you are in the fulfillment of your destiny; just like Esther and Joseph did. Jeremiah chapter 1:4-19, behind every destiny is a revelation.

He highlighted salient points such as Obedience and Service, Integrity, Purity, Fear of the Lord, Self Denial, and The need for Help as major factors in order to take charge and to be relevant in order destiny. And furthermore there were salients recommendations made, such as Getting over your past, Build your self worth, Conquer your fears, and starting small. You must also understand your time and season, follow your dreams and choose the right relationships.

And the prayer session like the previous day was wrought with wonders as the spirit of God expressly moved.

We’ve prayed, we’ve learned and tarried in the place of understanding and knowledge, today is a time to rejoice, give God all the glory for a successful youth week and also thank him for more that he will do! The time is 5:30pm! Don’t miss it.

Picture speaks !