On Monday, 19th of December, 2022, an overview of the book of Haggai was examined by Pastor Olujimi Vanderpuye in the Unified Bible Study Manual for Christ Apostolic Church under the theme for the year 2022/March 2023 “KNOW YOUR BIBLE BETTER”. The synopsis memory verse was taken from Haggai 1:5 which says “Now therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts: “Consider your ways!”. The book of Haggai provides useful insights concerning the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. The words Consider your ways or “Consider (in Haggai 1:5&7; 2:15&18)” that happen to be the key phrase of Haggai’s prophecies implies that the purpose of God’s messages to the Jewish leadership and people was to awaken them to their spiritual responsibilities. Do we need that today? Yes of course. According to Pastor Olujimi Vanderpuye, our priority as Christians is that we need to find out if we are more concerned with our own pleasure than the work of God.

  • As a Christian, do you attend church late or not at all and still claim to be a Christian?
  • If you claim to be a Christian, are you devoted to the church owner and the church, or to yourself?
  • If you claim to be a Christian, would you prefer that you are not fighting for your own selfish interests in God’s Church today?
  • Claiming to be a Christian, hope you are not getting distracted from God’s path?
  • Claiming to be a Christian, hope you have God dwell in your heart?

Conclusively, God sometimes allows hardships, failures, depressions, etc. because of our indifference to Him but, He wants us to keep up the church by beautifying His house (our heart) and we should not neglect our relationship with him either.

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